You Don't Need to be a Painter!

Everything you need to be successful is included in this course--

a Photoshop action, custom made brushes and detailed instruction.

Watch as I create 3 paintings to show you the technique so that you will be ready to paint your own watercolor!

But wait, there are already watercolor actions on the market. Why make another one?

I have purchased many watercolor actions over the past few years, and they are all one click "solutions" that do all the painting automatically. I didn't feel like I was creating anything--just clicking!

So I wrote this action to allow actual participation in the creation of the final image--you really will feel like a painter!

Ballet Shoes by Cindy L.

"I had purchased another one-click watercolor filter, but that does not compare with your action!

Please let me know whenever you add another class. So much for the price! You did a great job explaining the technique". Cindy

Spring Tulip by Melissa A.

"Let me tell you, the class time spent with you was some of the best I've ever done! I'm sure others have told you the same thing, but I wanted it said from my perspective. Your presentation and information were top notch and really valuable to me. I am so appreciative of having these new ideas in my toolbox!"


Winter Thaw

"Help me, I can't stop creating these watercolor images!! I had no trouble learning the technique and got great results on my first try. I can't wait to take your next course!"


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Watercolor Paintings in Photoshop

Create artistic watercolor images in Photoshop